Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual

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134 backers pledged $10,115 during our Kickstarter campaign, greatly exceeding our original funding goal of $3,000, to help make the Triten Gaming System a reality for everyone. The entire Fenris Publishing team extends our tremendous gratitude to all of the backers who helped make this possible.

Through the Kickstarter, we achieved the following stretch goals:

  • Increased Art Budget: We significantly increased the art budget from our original plan to fill the book with even more amazing artwork and increase what we were able to pay our team of illustrators for their hard work.
  • High Quality Character Sheets: Everyone who ordered a physical copy of the book will receive a few high quality character sheets to go with their books.
  • Playtest Invitations: All of our silver, gold, and platinum backers will receive an invitation to the Fenris Publishing playtesting group.
  • Community Forums: We are setting up community forums for the Triten Gaming System community to interact, discuss the game, and find groups. When these are ready we will post a link here and on the Triten Community Page.
  • Additional Content: We did so well on the campaign that we're going to add even more content to the base manual! We will include an extra chapter in the book with Legendary/Magical Items for you to discover!
  • GM Screen / Quick References: All of our silver, gold, and platinum backers will receive a free GM Screen / Quick Reference with their order. If you didn't get a chance to get one during the campaign, they are also available for sale on the Triten Preorder Page.
  • Triten Dice: All of our silver, gold, and platinum backers will receive a free set of Triten dice. This 8-piece set includes 2x d4's, 2x d6's, 2x d8's, 1x d10 standard, and 1x d10 percentile -- all the dice you need to play a game with Triten. These are also available for sale on the Triten Preorder Page.


The Triten Gaming System is a fun and innovative new framework for Pen & Paper roleplaying games, offering an approachable and versatile system of mechanics that lets you spend more time on your adventures and less time reading through complicated rules.

The first product in the Triten line is the Fantasy Manual. This book will provide you a framework to make exciting characters and create interesting worlds in a medieval fantasy setting. The book will be perfect-bound, about 275-300 pages, with a beautiful color cover by illustrator Chris French and black-and-white illustrations and content inside.


The Triten Gaming System is a whole new system of Pen & Paper RPG mechanics designed from the ground up to be both straightforward and robust, allowing for a relatively simple set of rules to work for an extremely diverse set of circumstances.  The Fantasy Manual is the first version of the Triten Gaming System which is focused on medieval fantasy. Along with the manual, all you and your friends need to play are some polyhedral dice, pencils, paper, and your imagination!

Triten uses a skill-based instead of a level-based structure of character advancement.   Individual experience points earned as a character progresses through the world can be directly applied to any of dozens of different, broadly-used Skills and specific, individual abilities called Talents.  Characters can also craft or purchase a wide variety of equipment and learn hundreds of different spells over seven unique schools of magic.

This system has been in development for many years and has been through numerous playtesting campaigns with a diverse group of experienced Pen & Paper gamers who have dedicated countless hours to making this the best system it could possibly be.  We are confident that new and experienced Pen & Paper gamers alike will love this system as much as all of our playtesters have.

A multiplayer adventure:
Like all Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games, Triten is a game to play with your friends. It can be played online (over chat/voice/video) or in person and requires at least one person to be the Game Master (GM) and at least one other person to play. An ideal group, though, will have one GM and about three to five players.


The complexity of many Pen & Paper RPG's can often create both a significant barrier to entry for new players as well as a constant hindrance to experienced players who are always struggling to understand and be in compliance with the rules.  The Triten Gaming System was built from the ground up to maximize both simplicity and versatility.  We endeavored to make every mechanic and rule easy to understand and use without sacrificing the deeper functionality of more complicated mechanics.

Furthermore, Triten was designed to be modular, so individual sections and components could easily be added, removed, or supplemented by new content.  While our first project is the Fantasy Manual, we have already begun prototyping a Science Fiction manual which has shown great promise thus far, using most of the same mechanics.


The Triten name is derived from the core skill check mechanics of the system.  This system combines three values that each generally range between one and ten. The first two of these values represent a character’s innate ability and training, while the third is a random value provided by a d10 to represent luck or chance. This simple, yet versatile mechanic is used throughout the system, provides the ultimate foundation for all game play, and keeps the action simple, fast, and fun.

Our goal with Triten is to provide a robust system of mechanics for you to craft your adventures.  While the Triten Gaming System does not contain any specific lore or story of its own, its content and mechanics are meant to be flexible so you can easily pick and choose which elements you want to include in your own fantasy setting.

We are already in the process of developing our first Fantasy Campaign Setting book for Triten, but this will be released at a later date.


This is only the beginning for the Triten Gaming System.  As we mentioned above, we have already started prototyping a Science Fiction version of our mechanics that shows great promise.  We also have numerous expansions already planned for the Fantasy Manual which will add campaign settings, new items, new spells, new creatures, and much more!


The Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual is complete. The book is fully written and the mechanics and systems have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by a large group of experienced playtesters. Final editing, layout, artwork, and printing are the final steps of our project.

While we would love to produce a full-color book, the only way to keep costs reasonable for the first edition of the book is to limit ourselves to a black-and-white interior. Now that our Kickstarter campaign has successfully funded, we are hard at work on final production. The Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual is currently scheduled for a December, 2017 release. An exact release date will be announced as we get closer to the end of the project.


So many people have had a hand in this project, whether helping with design, playtesting, or just giving some constructive feedback. We wanted to share some of their thoughts with you.

When I met David in 2009, he had come over to recruit my roommates as some of his first playtesters. I remember being skeptical at first, but I stuck around and listened as they began discussing things. It was several hours later after a lot of talk about the mechanics of character progression that I found myself excited not only to have our first playtesting session, but also to see how the system itself would continue to grow and evolve. Years later, I’m still impressed by how easy Triten is to pick up. Even when I hadn’t played it in a couple of years, it was simple to pick up and easy to teach to a group of players new to tabletop. But my favorite thing is the great number of different worlds myself and other GM’s have brought to life with Triten over the years. It’s simple, flexible, and allows for a wealth of creativity and storytelling. We’ve gone from worlds overrun by darkness and undeath, to gritty medieval worlds devoid of magic, to realms of powerful mages where demigods rule as kings.

It’s been an exciting journey, in those worlds and this one. I’ve contributed ideas and time to Triten over the years, but it’s been David’s drive and determination that’s brought the project to where it is. He’s worked hard to bring to a community he loves a tool for creativity and fun that’s easy to learn and use. I’m excited to see where Triten will go from here.

Russell Brown
Assistant Designer & Playtester

Triten is, in a word, flexible; its simplicity and balance makes world building and subsequent campaign design both intuitive and simple! This system caters well to both hardcore players and those new to tabletop gaming, as it's quick to pick up and easy to customize. Give Triten a try, and build the worlds and adventures of your dreams!

Tamlyn Kurogi
Editor & Playtester


Art & Graphics
K. Burkett • C. French • P. Fry • J. Hernandez • S. Prizio • C. Russell