We publish both books and games and we are currently open for book submissions. All submissions should be sent to Please allow up to two weeks for a response.

General Submission Guidelines
Fenris Publishing will publish both books and games. Our primary focus for both of these categories is the fantasy/sci-fi genre, including various related genres (steampunk, supernatural, etc.). If you have a project you are interested in submitting to us, please review the guidelines below.


Game Submissions
We are not currently accepting game submissions.


Novel Submissions
We are primarily interested in fantasy/sci-fi novels that contain (either partially or exclusively) anthropomorphic characters. We will consider non-anthro submissions, but our primary market for novels for the time being is the furry community. We are only interested in completed works, not concepts or portions of a novel. Novels should ideally be in the vicinity of 100,000 - 150,000 words, but we will consider works somewhat outside of this range as well.

What to send for your novel submission:

  • Query Letter: A few paragraphs introducing yourself as an author and the work your're submitting
  • Novel Synopsis: A few pages that review in detail the plot, characters, conflict, and resolution of your novel (leave nothing out, include spoilers)
  • The first two full chapters of your novel