Answers and solutions to common questions and problems can be found below.

What products do you have and when are they available?
Our first project, the Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual, successfully funded on Kickstarter at the end of June and is currently in the final stages of development. Triten is currently scheduled for a November, 2017 launch. You can find more information on the Triten Gaming System here.


Do you have any other products available or planned?
We have several other products planned! In addition to the Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual, we are also already in the process of prototyping a Science Fiction version of the system. Early playtests of this system have been very promising. We are also working on some concepts for board games as well as campaign settings to complement the Pen & Paper games.


Are you accepting submissions for games or books?
At this time we are not accepting submissions for publication. However, it is our hope to begin doing this in early 2018 once our first product is through the pipeline. When we are ready to start accepting submissions, we will post further details here on our web site.