Triten Gaming System

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Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual - Physical Book
This is a perfect-bound book measuring 8.5" x 11" with a beautiful color cover by Chris French and Jaime Hernández and black-and-white interior pages with illustrations. 242 pages.



Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual - Digital PDF
$19.99 individually or $9.99 with book purchase (up to 3 discounted PDF's per book)
This is a digital PDF file containing the entire contents of the Triten fantasy manual that you can read on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Purchased PDF keys may be used for yourself or given to someone else.

Notice: Each PDF license purchased is for the use of one individual and subject to the PDF License Agreement. PDF files require a free program such as Adobe Reader to view. All digital products require a Fenris Publishing account to redeem and access.



Triten Gaming System: Fantasy Manual - Quick Reference / GM Screen
This is a full-color, heavy stock, folding reference guide that can used by Game Masters to conceal their maps, dice rolls, and other sensitive campaign documents. The outside is beautifully illustrated by Triten artist Paul Fry and the inside contains 3 pages worth of tables and reference information for GMs. The screen is 25.5" x 11" (3 folded 8.5" x 11" panels).



Triten Gaming System: Dice Set
The Triten Gaming System dice set includes 8 polyhedral dice: 2 d4's, 2 d6's, 2 d8's, 1 d10 standard, and 1 d10 percentile. The dice (pictured) are red and black with white numbers. Triten does not use d12's or d20's so they are not included in this set.